About the Ghana Ecosystem Snapshot

Goals of the Snapshot
Understanding Local Assets

When entrepreneurial ecosystem builders and support organizations think about launching new programs, it's important that they can understand the assets that already exist in the community. That's why we databased every program and organization that we could find within Ghana, so that leaders can know what to build next.

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Helping Entrepreneurs Navigate

Finding resources that fit the needs of your venture is never an easy task, so we wanted to use the information we were collecting about Ghana's ecosystem to help entrepreneurs locate the programs that can help them build and expand their businesses.

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Creating a Living Representation

Entrepreneurial ecosystems are dynamic - they are constantly changing, adding new organizations, and serving new entrepreneurs. We wanted to capture the fluid nature of the ecosystem in Ghana, so this snapshot is kept continually up to date using EcoMap's technology.

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Support for the Snapshot

This report is designed to provide insight into the support available for entrepreneurs in Ghana. As this research is developed and published, the world is still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The support ecosystem will be more important than ever as SGBs, capacity development organizations, and investors all face social and economic headwinds.

The report was developed as part of the Global Inclusive Growth Partnership (GIGP), a collaboration between the Aspen Institute and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth. GIGP works to address systemic issues across a range of topics including financial security, the future of workers and portable benefits, growing micro and small businesses, and commercially-sustainable social impact. Through research, synthesis, and convenings, GIGP aims to catalyze new partnerships and shine a spotlight on innovative, data-driven, and scalable solutions to build a more inclusive and resilient economy for all.

As part of this partnership, ANDE will map out entrepreneurial ecosystems across emerging markets, develop a series of convenings and communications campaigns to highlight the needs of SGBs and potential SGBs in these markets, and conduct deep-dive research into how SGBs and their supporters are coping with the COVID-19 crisis. This research is part of this effort.

International Developers: Dive into the Data behind the Ecosystem

After gathering data about the Resources and Organizations in Ghana, we made a series of data visualizations to highlight and analyze the state of Ghana's ecosystem.

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The Process Behind the Snapshot
1. Identify Support Organizations

ANDE has been producing ecosystem snapshots since 2015. We used the data from the 2017 Ghana snapshot as a basis to identify the organizations working to support entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders in the country.

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2. Collect Information on Programs

After identifying the support organizations, information about the different programs they offered was extracted from various web sources. These programs were bucketed into 11 different program types with various tags.

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3. Supplement Data with Surveys

After collecting the majority of information about the support organizations and programs, ANDE administered an additional survey to gather more detailed information. Check out what we learned about the ecosystem in the analysis section.

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Common Questions
Who is behind the snapshot?

The Ghana Ecosystem Snapshot is a collaboration between The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), a global network of organizations that propel entrepreneurship in emerging markets, and EcoMap Technologies, a company that builds custom platforms & datasets for entrepreneurial ecosystems. The Snapshot was supported by the Mastercard Global Inclusive Growth Partnership.

How was the data collected?

The data collection process for this process was a three-step process. First, EcoMap looked at ANDE's 2017 Ecosystem Snapshot to identify key organizations working within the Ghana's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Then, EcoMap identified additional organizations, compiled information about the programs that these organizations offer, and then extracted as much information as possible about what they do, who they serve, and what sectors they work within. Finally, EcoMap and ANDE individually reached out to the organizations to solicit additional information from these partners, to compile the final Ghana Ecosystem Insights.

How can partners update their information?

If your program or organization is listed on the snapshot, you'll find an 'Edit this' link on the profile page, where you can submit edits to the data. If your program or organization is not listed, you can submit it here. If you're unsure, use the search at the top of the screen to search through programs and organizations by name. The EcoMap and ANDE teams will review submissions, and make the appropriate edits.

How can I submit to Bham Bizhub?

The Bizhub contains nearly 200 Resources provided by 100 local Business Support Organizations - but it’s possible that we missed some! If you want to submit a Resource or Organization to the Bizhub, make a profile and then head over to the Submit Page. We will be in touch if your submission is approved!

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