Dive Into the Data: Ghana's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Ghana Ecosystem Breakdown
Understanding the Ghana Snapshot Data

The report below analyzes the different supports that are available for entrepreneurs in Ghana based on the data collected in the 2020 Ghana Ecosystem Snapshot. Explore the interactive visualizations to learn more about who is working in Ghana's ecosystem, what they provide for entrepreneurs, and how local organizations feel about the development of Ghana's entrepreneurial community over the past three years.



Organizations include any institution that works to support entrepreneurs in the country of Ghana, spanning from nonprofits, investors, government agencies, and more.

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Programs include any type of resource or service that is explicitly intended to support entrepreneurs, mostly collected from the same organizations included in the snapshot.

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Last Data Collected

The information in this snapshot was collected in 2020, and the following analysis reflects the entrepreneurial ecosystem at this specific point in time.

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Organizational Analysis
Who is working to support entrepreneurs in Ghana?
What types of organizations are most prevalent?

Roughly half the organizations supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ghana can be categorized as capacity development providers and investors, with a range of other organization types making up the other 50% of entrepreneurial support in the country.

International Developers: Dive into the Data behind the Ecosystem

After gathering data about the Resources and Organizations in Ghana, we made a series of data visualizations to highlight and analyze the state of Ghana's ecosystem.

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Other includes Government Agencies, Banks or Financial Institutions, Media Organizations, and Microfinance Institutions
Where are these organizations located?

The vast majority of organizations supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ghana are based within the country, specifically in the capital city Accra. In this map, the location markers are colored based on organization type (as shown in the pie chart above), and are sized based on the number of programs these organizations offer to entrepreneurs.

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Program Analysis
What types of programs exist to support Ghana's entrepreneurs?
What stage of ventures do programs serve?

Programs supporting entrepreneurs in Ghana mostly work with Early and Start Up stage ventures. Mature stage ventures receive the least programmatic support.

What sector do programs typically target?

The sectors most-served by programs in Ghana were Agriculture & Food, Financial Services, and Information & Communication Technology (ICT). The Health, Energy, and Environment sectors were some of the least commonly supported, and roughly 13% of programs are sector-agnostic.

Financial vs Nonfinancial Support
How are entrepreneurs supported in Ghana?


Nonfinancial Programs

Nonfinancial programs include capacity development services, connections to customers (market linkages), and connections to investors (investment linkages).

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Financial Programs

Financial programs include those that provide direct funding to entrepreneurs, including debt, equity, grants, quasi-equity and/or guarantees.

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Hybrid Programs

Some programs provide both financial and nonfinancial support, including some accelerators, technical assistance programs, and coworking spaces.

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What types of financing are available for entrepreneurs in Ghana?

Entrepreneurs in Ghana have access to 40 different sources of financing provided by 34 organizations. Programs most commonly provide this funding in the form of equity, debt, and grants.

What nonfinancial support is available for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs don’t just need capital – they often need help refining their business plan, increasing capacity, and reaching both investors and customers. These nonfinancial support providers are common in Ghana, and typically provide business strategy and planning, access to networks and partners, and support on governance structure.

Perceptions of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Ghana
What organizations in Ghana have to say about....
What are the biggest challenges facing Ghana's ecosystem?
Source: Survey data collected from 34 organizations in the snapshot
What has improved most significantly in the ecosystem in the past 3 years?
Source: Survey data collected from 34 organizations in the snapshot
How can I submit to Bham Bizhub?

The Bizhub contains nearly 200 Resources provided by 100 local Business Support Organizations - but it’s possible that we missed some! If you want to submit a Resource or Organization to the Bizhub, make a profile and then head over to the Submit Page. We will be in touch if your submission is approved!

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This study on Ghana's entrepreneurial ecosystem was commissioned by ANDE, with support from the Mastercard Foundation, and prepared by EcoMap Technologies.
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